"The artistic journey is an ongoing process of discovering who you are, and I'm still searching. You may have been dealt an odd hand, but instead of walking away from the game, keep playing. Magical things can happen." -- CB

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Die Mommie, Die! Trailer

If you've been living under a rock since the early 2000's, you may have missed Charles Busch's most popular film to date. Here's a preview for those who've missed it, and for those who can't get enough of it! Written by and starring Charles Busch, based on his stage play. With Jason Priestley, Natasha Lyonne, Frances Conroy, Philip Baker Hall, Stark Sands, and Nora Dunn. [editorial comment: The film is better than these clips might indicate... I would have chosen differently, had I edited the trailer.]

Stark Sands and Jason Priestley in a clip from Die Mommie, Die!

The audio and video quality of this reproduction is rather poor, and taken out of context, this scene may seem rather long, particularly as it's difficult to hear in places. However, this is a fabulously fun and sexy scene, and, for those who haven't seen it, will give you an idea of the kind of humor that permeates the film.

Charles directs his Tony-nominated hit, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife for a nationally-syndicated radio program

L.A. Theatre Works recorded five performances of Busch's deliciously devious social satire, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, to air on LATW's nationally-syndicated weekly radio theater series, The Play's The Thing. The playwright directed JoBeth Williams and Richard Kind in five performances, May 16 through 20.

Charles with original Broadway cast members (clockwise) Linda Lavin, Anil Kumar, Tony Roberts, Michele Lee and Shirl Bernheim

Charles said of this experience:

"A very interesting challenge directing The Allergist's Wife for the radio. Each of the five performances had a live audience of about three hundred people and the natural tendency for everyone involved is to deliver the performance for them. However, the real purpose of the thing was to record a radio show. The actors stood at mikes with head sets on and read the play from scripts. They had to learn not to hold for laughs like we do in the theatre but to ride over the laugh, because their mikes were much louder than the general mike that recorded the laughter. Also, the play is about two women on the verge of a breakdown and in the theatre, it's fun to hear them shriek and scream at each other. On the radio, it could be deafening. The challenge was each time I told the actresses to take the volume down, they naturally lost intensity. The emotional intensity had to come from suppressed rage and phrasing. Very interesting kind of work."

Hopefully, we'll get to hear the results. Click on this post's title for more info and the LATW radio syndication schedule.



THE LADY IN QUESTION IS CHARLES BUSCH was named Best Documentary at The 2007 International Gay Film Awards, also known as the Glitter Awards. The award, voted on by the gay press as well as foreign and domestic gay and lesbian film festivals, is given for “outstanding achievement of work that narrates true gay life events in an original, controversial manner.”

Produced and directed by John Catania and Charles Ignacio, THE LADY IN QUESTION IS CHARLES BUSCH is an affectionate and entertaining tribute. Dubbed by The Village Voice as a "drag to riches story," it casts the artist’s fascinating life as a triumphant tale of drive and perseverance.

Previous awards for THE LADY IN QUESTION IS CHARLES BUSCH include Best Documentary at the 2006 Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Fire Island Film & Video Festival.

THE LADY IN QUESTION IS CHARLES BUSCH had its world premiere at the 4th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in April 2005 and was released theatrically in March 2006. Its North American television premiere was on Sundance Channel where it continues to air through summer 2008. DVD distribution is by Docurama.

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Kathleen Turner talks about "The Third Story" and Charles Busch on The Today Show

"The Third Story" with Kathleen Turner at the Lucille Lortel Theater

Die, Mommie, Die! - Live! Off-Broadway, 2007

A Very Serious Person - Trailer

Die Mommie Die! trailer

Psycho Beach Party trailer

The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

Linda Lavin, Tony Roberts, and Michele Lee perform a scene from Charles' hilarious Broadway hit at the 2001 Tony Awards.

A Few Career Highlights

Portraits of the Artist as a Man