"The artistic journey is an ongoing process of discovering who you are, and I'm still searching. You may have been dealt an odd hand, but instead of walking away from the game, keep playing. Magical things can happen." -- CB

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Play, Movie, Play: about "Die, Mommie, Die!"

Charles originally wrote Die, Mommie, Die! as a play.
Die, Mommy, Die!”, as it was then spelled, was produced in July, 1999 at the Coast Playhouse in Los Angeles.
Charles later adapted it for the big screen, and Die, Mommie, Die! became his most beloved and critically acclaimed film to date. The film was nominated for six awards and won four, including the Sundance Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance (Charles Busch).

Produced in 2003, the film is set in 1967, with flashbacks to the 1950's. Worth watching for the wardrobe alone (40 costumes designed by long-time Busch collaborators Michael Bottari and Ron Case), the film stars Busch as Angela Arden, a famous former songbird with a closet full of secrets. Jason Priestley is delightfully smarmy as her young lover, Tony Parker, an unemployed actor as well-known for possessing a certain physical attribute that's in high demand as for his willingness to share it. Philip Baker Hall commands as Angela's authoritative husband, film producer Sol Sussman. Natasha Lyonne plays manipulative daddy's girl and mother-loathing Edith with equal parts evil and vulnerability, and Stark Sands is extremely endearing as the emotionally disturbed gay son, Lance. The chameleon-like Frances Conroy submerges herself into the role of the strangely mysterious, bible-quoting housekeeper, and Nora Dunn is perfectly hilarious in a brief turn as a conniving columnist.

Charles is at his best, flawlessly reincarnating the performances of dozens of Old Hollywood Actresses - yes, with a capital "A" - and weaving them seamlessly into his own, with his trademark style, skill, and accurate intuitiveness. His performance is veracious and perfectly toned.

A hilarious comedy noir (or noir comedy), genuflecting to the glamour of 1960s Hollywood, with a plot that is equal parts Greek tragedy and Hollywood kitsch, you're sure to love Die, Mommie Die - the play.

"The Lady in Question" wins raves!

Read the NY Times review:

"What Genius Cast This Play?" by NAOMI SIEGEL

"A free wheeling satire of patriotic 1940’s thrillers such as “Notorious” and “Escape”, “The Lady in Question” tells the suspenseful tale of Gertrude Garnet, the most glamorous concert pianist on the international stage. On tour in 1940 Bavaria, her colossal self-absorption is challenged when a handsome American professor engages her aid in rescuing his mother from a Nazi prison." (from charlesbusch.com)

Charles recently reprised his role as Gertrude Garnet in a revival of his 1989 play at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, NY. Directed by Christopher Ashley, the cast included Julie Halston, recreating her original off-Broadway role, Candy Buckley, Richard Kind, Matt McGrath, Barrett Foa, Perry Ojeda, Larry Keith and Ana Reeder.

Paul McCartney with Charles

Charles with two Julies: Andrews and Halston

Celebrities including Alan Alda, Julie Andrews, Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, Kate Burton, Angela LaGreca, Pia Lindstrom, Paul McCartney, John McDaniel, Lorne Michaels, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Shaiman and Renée Zellweger have attended performances.

Read the BroadwayStars interview with Charles and other cast members by Michael Portantiere.

"A Very Serious Person" now on DVD!

Charles' first self-directed feature, A Very Serious Person, premiered at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, where it won an honorable mention. It has also been seen at San Francisco and Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals. At the 2006 Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Charles received the Artistic Achievement Award.

Written by Charles Busch and Carl Andress
starring Charles Busch
featuring Polly Bergen, Dana Ivey, Julie Halston, Carl Andress, and introducing PJ Verhoest

Press Release Synopsis:
Jan (Charles Busch), a traveling male nurse from Denmark, takes a new job with Mrs. A (Polly Bergen), a terminally ill Manhattan woman raising her parentless thirteen-year-old grandson, Gil (PJ Verhoest). Spending the summer by the shore with Mrs. A, Gil, and their housekeeper Betty (Dana Ivey), the emotionally reserved Jan finds himself oddly cast as a mentor to Gil in having to prepare the sensitive boy for life with his cousins in Florida after his grandmother’s death. A deep camaraderie grows between these two solitary people, and through the pair’s friendship with two local hairdressers, Lee and Glenda (Carl Andress and Julie Halston), Gil starts his journey to self-discovery. By the end of the summer, Gil has developed a new maturity and independence, while the enigmatic Jan has revealed his own vulnerability.

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"The Third Story" with Kathleen Turner at the Lucille Lortel Theater

Die, Mommie, Die! - Live! Off-Broadway, 2007

A Very Serious Person - Trailer

Die Mommie Die! trailer

Psycho Beach Party trailer

The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

Linda Lavin, Tony Roberts, and Michele Lee perform a scene from Charles' hilarious Broadway hit at the 2001 Tony Awards.

A Few Career Highlights

Portraits of the Artist as a Man