"The artistic journey is an ongoing process of discovering who you are, and I'm still searching. You may have been dealt an odd hand, but instead of walking away from the game, keep playing. Magical things can happen." -- CB

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"Charles Busch is radiant in his play, "Die Mommie Die!" -- Variety

"Directed by Carl Andress, “Die Mommie Die!,” which runs a peppy 90 minutes, is infused with the good-natured comic brio that has made Mr. Busch a drag artist whom middle America can embrace. Even theatergoers who don’t catch the copious old-movie quotations, verbal and physical, should enjoy Mr. Busch’s hair-trigger comic timing and rubbery mugging, which brings to mind vintage Lucille Ball. "

"[Mr. Busch has] an encyclopedic knowledge of, and bone-deep affinity for, the late-career films of Lana Turner, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Susan Hayward, as well as a host of B-picture actresses who rarely surface on Netflix. As Angela, Mr. Busch — who also wrote and starred in the 2003 film version of “Die Mommie Die!” — doesn’t specifically imitate any of those screen sirens. Yet he manages to embody them all."

From Variety:

"Thanks to Busch's script and exceptional leading perf, the surfaces of this comedy-thriller -- about the murderous meltdown of the pre-Nixon Hollywood family -- roll back to reveal provocative statements about the power women can lose when a man walks into the room."

"His rich physical and vocal palette prove that Angela is a woman of good breeding who could snap at any second. "

From The Epoch Times:

"Busch has written a delightful story, sending up Hollywood of old and turning several genres on their head in the process.... The cast is excellent ... and each member of the company gets more than one chance to shine (and steal scenes)."

At New World Stages (340 W. 50th St.)
Tuesday - Friday at 8pm; Saturday at 7pm & 10pm; Sunday at 3pm & 7pm.
Tickets: (212) 239-6200 or telecharge.com

starring Charles Busch as fallen diva Angela Arden
Bob Ari (The Constant Wife) as Sol Sussman, the tyrannical husband
Chris Hoch (Spamalot) as Tony Parker, the lover
Ashley Morris as Edith, daddy's little girl
Kristine Nielsen (Our Leading Lady) as Bootsie Carp, the Bible-spouting live-in domestic
Van Hansis (As the World Turns) as Lance, the emotionally disturbed gay son

Directed by Carl Andress

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DIE MOMMIE DIE!'s Opening Night

See opening night photos at Broadwayworld.com and at Broadway.com

Die Mommie Die!'s opening on Sunday, October 21, was very well received by an audience including Joan Rivers, Michele Lee, Xanadu adapter Douglas Carter Beane, playwright/performer Anna Deveare Smith (Twilight, Fires in the Mirror), Marian Seldes, Kate Mulgrew, David Pittu, Tony-winning Jim Dale, Edward Hibbert and Karen Ziemba (Curtains), Julie Halston, Tyler Hanes, (A Chorus Line) and "As The World Turns" cast members Jake Silberman, Elana Goode, Alexandra Chando and Marnie Schulenberg.

Ashley Morris on acting with Charles

Charles is "pretty crazy over" both of the actors portraying his children. But are the feelings mutual?

Ashley Morris, who portrays daughter Edith, was interviewed by Broadway.com for their "Fresh Face" feature published on 10/18. Here's what she had to say:

the audition
"They asked me to go outside of the room and prepare a side, and then when I came back in, Charles was on the stage to do the scene! I went to the park across the street afterward and kinda cried a little bit, because he's a comic genius. It was an honor just to audition with him."

"I just tried to watch Charles, because I think that's what theater is—you don't learn it from a book, you learn it from observing. He was so generous, helping me with timing and letting me ask him lots of questions."

the play
"It's thrilling to be onstage when Charles comes out," she says. "Every single night, the audience cheers and claps. It's lovely, because all of us—the actors and the audience—are together in this one night that can never be re-done. That's the magic of theater."

Kathleen Turner talks about "The Third Story" and Charles Busch on The Today Show

"The Third Story" with Kathleen Turner at the Lucille Lortel Theater

Die, Mommie, Die! - Live! Off-Broadway, 2007

A Very Serious Person - Trailer

Die Mommie Die! trailer

Psycho Beach Party trailer

The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

Linda Lavin, Tony Roberts, and Michele Lee perform a scene from Charles' hilarious Broadway hit at the 2001 Tony Awards.

A Few Career Highlights

Portraits of the Artist as a Man