"The artistic journey is an ongoing process of discovering who you are, and I'm still searching. You may have been dealt an odd hand, but instead of walking away from the game, keep playing. Magical things can happen." -- CB

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"The Third Story" - plot synopsis

Written by and Starring Charles Busch
Directed by Carl Andress

Omaha, 1949...Peg, a brazen screenwriter of Hollywood's Golden Age, has been a stowaway on a Chinese junk, escaped a cannibal village and had her ankle kissed by a young Tyrone Power — but now that the boys have taken over Hollywood, she's out of work. Ever optimistic, Peg approaches her son to collaborate on a new script to resurrect her faded career. Although Drew has fled Tinseltown for the quiet life of a Midwestern mail carrier, he reluctantly joins his mother to draft a crazy adventure through time, the uncertainties of science and the bonds of love.

Their flights of imagination bring together an elegant and hardscrabble Queen of the Mob, a chilly scientist harboring a seething passion and a romantic fairytale set in a Russian forest. Add to that a botched science experiment named Zygote with seven nipples and a chemical dependency, and a tough guy with a serious case of claustrophobia, and you have The Third Story.

Uplifting, imaginative and endlessly funny, The Third Story delights in the stories we tell to make sense of our lives.

Gracing the stage as three of the female characters in The Third Story, Mr. Busch is sure to delight and inspire audiences.

-- from lajollaplayhouse.org

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Bill said...

I'm getting tiockets for Christmas and can't wait to see the new show.

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